11 June 2008


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Arriving on the MV St(r)arlight One, somewhere after midnight again... shoes off, having a welcoming drink, and then to bed. The good news: there are enough huts onboard for everyone to have their own. (The bad news would off course be that the group was all male... so there would not be any fun reason to share a hut, anyway.)

We would leave port around 5:00 in the morning, as soon as it was light enough to do so. First dive of this liveaboard was to the Salem express, a ferry that sank some 17 years ago, after hitting a reef. Quite a ghostly, eerie location to be diving, if you know this wreck still contains human remains and personal belongings... some 600 people never got out of this ship alive. Still, the wreck looks nice and is a challenging dive. When we surfaced again, we had some other boats next to us, one of which had divers bringing flowers to the wreck. This is still a grave.

Next dives: at Abu el Kifhen, joined up with my buddy Tamer to do an easy dive with the reef on our left, 100 bar turn around, 60 minutes divetime. We had a good dive, spotted a resting turtle, posed for the camera with it and moved on... returned with a good story and had a good dive.

--- story is to continue but:

I managed to get the photo's online:


I will be working on editing the video, but at least I have already managed to get the hammerhead online:


Have a look. Comment, and await the next blogs...

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