07 April 2012

Whow! great looking lamp.

I've been posting on the old chinese lamp I have... The guy that imported it now develops his own lamps.. since no company delivers the right combination of cheap and good.

His product looks very nice, I actually might want to buy me one of these if he could create something to hook it to my camerahousing. The whole range of his prototype products can be found on youtube and on his site

The 25 Watt version for instance will deliver 1800 - 2000 lumen at 4000 kelvin, is dimmable from 100% to 25% and has a strobe function. Switch is magnetic and the thing a low flux, so no real impact on the compass. It is currently rated 100m waterproof. Great, KOR!

Check the site! (in Dutch)


kor said...

tanks for youre comment Maurice!
as for the fitting to your cam, we can alway's get together and try something. it is and wil stay a hobby to me.



kor said...

25watt tested yeserday the test canbe found here:

@ maurice come along somday and do your own test and revieuw



Unknown said...

Hi Kor,

We should do some dives together, indeed, and test this new lamp of yours. I'll take the cam and then we can maybe show the different setups you have compared to the Chinese thing, the Greenforce or others.

I'll be over in Zeeland 20th of april. Doing my first dives of the season.



Anonymous said...

Looks cool! However, Aluminium can be problematic (see electrocorrosion issues with the chinese lights).

Unless a real marine-grade Al (series 5000) is used and the circuitry is electrically isolated from the housing, the light will be eaten up by electrocorrosion pretty quickly.

If the light is still in design phase, I advise to use either a hard plastic or a series 5k alloy AND an isolated wiring. If the housing is used for electrical connection, the lamp won't live longer in seawater, than a Trustfire...

Unknown said...

So where does it say this lamp is made using aluminium?

This is milled from RVS, high grade steel.

btw, I spoke with Kor (the builder of these lamps) a few weeks back and he has been working on a few new evolutions of this same lamp.

The thing is built by a diver. Make no illusion, these are built to last.

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