28 April 2012

First Calamari Zeeland Weekend

Sorry for the delay in posting .. but: I returned from my divetrip to Zeeland last Sunday. I have blogged on the Dutch blog but I did not find time to do this in English Last week I went on a divetrip with Calamari, a biologists student diving club in Groningen. I am donor and as one of the benefits I can join the camps they organize. Great! First camp this year was last week .. windy, rainy and cold with morning temperatures not much above freezing.

The Calamari weekend was quite a busy weekend, with 30 to 40 divers present many of whom were trainee's.. so there were lot's of instructors needed to get them certified. My goal for this camp was to get myself certified for drysuit diving. I bought myself a used Procean Technical suit, and hoped to get the training arranged before I went on camp, but unfortunately the planning of the training changed ... so I went to Zeeland with only my swimming pool training done. To bad, now I had to dive without. (without training .. not without drysuit) This meant I had to be extra careful. I decided only to do the easier dives and only opted for Grevelinge locations. This weekend I dove at
  • De Kabbelaar 
  • Kerkweg 
  • Den Osse Haven 
  • 't Koepeltje 
  • Zoetersbout/Zijpe (hmmm.. not a Grevelinge location)
The diving went great, no incidents, no problems, nothing remarkable... except for the great buddies and the great dive team as a whole. Cheers for you guys! great camp! I'm looking forward to the next camp in June!

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