30 June 2011

Continouing story of MJ850

... and it is back. After months my Dive lamp returned to me.

Read the other posts to gather the whole story but I bought a dive lamp, the cheap MJ850, to finally have some more light during my dives. I used to carry a small backup light and I had a true antique 3W Halogen lamp, but I thought I needed to upgrade now everyone has these fancy HIDs and LEDs. As promised, the story aftermath:

The lamps seem to have wrong LEDs and drivers installed, there are two kinds available... the "working version" and the "working for max 10 minutes version" I should now have a working version. ;-)

After the lamps arrived in China they were fixed and not replaced by new ones. This took all of 2 days... compared to the time it took to send to China... this was GOOD. The return path to my desk was not using TNT but using DHL. Which was also very good. It took about a week to arrive.

Then the not so nice surprise. The Proforma Invoice read "SAMPLE of DIVELIGHTS" which prompted the Customs office to guess what pricetag on these things were. They estimated that the used, empty lamps, without batteries, and charger, in old box, would cost us about 50 USD to re-import.


I declined the package and requested to get a new invoice attached .. which I got .. one day after I took my loss and received the package.

Now I guess I will have that battle with our Customs Office... Oh Great..


Anonymous said...

Hey Maurice,

Exact same problem over here.
While diving for about 20 minutes on full power (it was not fully dark yet and i would like to try out if the batteries would last for 45 minutes on full power) the torch died almost. It was indeed like 5% enough to come back to the boat. Although in first the power setting ring was still working (only the toch had 3 very dim settings). I thought that the batteries had died al suddenly. But later i found out that is was broken, because full batteries did not help. Even not with the batteries of my spare toch (same model).
A month later at home it was working again on full power. Unfortunatly that was very short fun, because all suddenly it was working at 5% again and i could not switch it off again. Only removing the tailcap could switch it off.
I bought it at dealextreme, so send it back (they even payed for the transportation), and get a new one.
Today i received a new one, and i see some differences with my spare one. First it had a differend box. This is one with a diver on it. Second, it has dark O-Rings which are actually greased. Third, it has an different reflector. The LED is totally visable, where you can only see the LED head on the old one. Ans as 4th, the new version is brighter than the old one. The old one has a small bright point in the middle while the new one has a much bigger bright center. But also the rest is brighter. Could you take a picture from the LED so i can compare??

Ohw same troubles here with customs, only they charged me 18,39. I'm not sure if i want to take the trouble to reclaim it. Cost me more on time than it would bring me.

It seems that there is an Magicshine represenative in the UK. If you search for Magicshine UK in google you'll find it. They say they give you 1 year warranty, but the are of couse more expensive than buying in China.

Have fun,


Oh ja, als je me een foto wil sturen mag je me ook wel direct mailen op erik en dan een apestaart en dan nixie puntje en dan nl.

Unknown said...

hello Maurice , it is Irvin writing . do you remenber me. i am from the factory you bought 850 , long time no news from you. you must be pretty busy. your blog is so beatiful,readable ,which i have never read. it is so great. any requirement on the lights, email me.

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