07 April 2012

Season starts! .. great!

It has been a while, but now the season starts again. I've survived the long wait. Last month I found a colleague of mine used to be a Tech diver, he stopped a few years back, but has all kinds of gear still lying around. Now I am helping him selling it. Good thing is that I had first pick of the left-overs... so I now have a new collection of rarities ;-] The rest is online for sale.

By checking out his gear, I found a dry suit, which got me interested in buying one... unfortunately the version from my colleague is a bit to small for me but I already found me another one. I think I will buy it this week.

I need that stuff, and some training, to start diving this spring. Calamari is now planning a dive weekend in Zeeland for the 20th of April! yeah!

I can hardly wait.

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