24 October 2011

Season closes: Calamari Schelphoek kamp 21-10-11

OK, as I blogged earlier on my dutch blog, the dive season was at it's end somewhere in September... or so I thought. Weather was getting worse and diving in rainy weather makes all but the underwater-part of diving a bit less appetizing so I ended my diveseason.

What actually happened is that I ended up joining the Calamari diveteam for their autumn dive weekend in Zeeland at the 21st.

Although the weather was "not good" for wetsuit divers, there was no rain but much sunshine. The temperature was a bit low, though, being only 8-13 Celcius in the late afternoon, with some mild frost at night. I've only managed to make 4 dives as on sunday I was having a bit of a cold myself and opted for doing the dishes etc. instead.

The dives I did were very nice since the light from the sun managed to get thru to at least 5 meter without losing too much intensity. This meant light was good... but visibility was good too. on the four dives I have had moments where sight would be close to 8 meters.

Dive photo's can be found here.

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