31 August 2010

Great season for diving

OK, as the year progresses I am getting more experienced in my dives in Holland. During my holiday I have not been able to dive, so around my holidaytime I spent almost all of my time underwater. Currently I have done about 15 dives or so since July.

The pinnacle of “diving in Holland” was this weekend. My buddies Maaike and Lucas and myself were quite keen to go diving in Ruinerwold... only the weather did not look so very well.

First dive went ok, but we did not see anything special. We noticed the rain was quite heavy during our dive, we found nothing special to see or do underwater and came out after 50 minutes or so. The rain stopped during our surface interval and restarted at the next dive, which was short and uneventful as well. Rain started to be the theme of today, as when we surfaced to discuss how to do the rest of the dive it was raining again.

As per miracle, when we stopped our dive it also stopped raining. Great, because changing from wetsuit back into normal clothes is not much fun when you end up just as wet as before you changed.

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