08 June 2011

Looking closer

Advantage of doing a Biology training is that you tend to look a bit better and closer. Just to show off some first results of the effect of training during my last 2 dives see the following.

- smoke in the water
Seen many times in different locations. This time in Tynaarlo. I can still do with some explanation on what I see here .. but seeing this invited me to check and analyse a bit better as the following pics might show.

- baby crayfish
Nothing special... finding a crayfish in some hole along the north-bank of the Veenmeer pond. It get's interesting when you discover the crayfish has something moving under the belly... and what do you know... it is swarming with small white babycrayfish, in this photo a bit hard to see as they still are a bit camera-shy.

- donut
I noticed these Mosdiertjes (bryozoan?) for a couple of years. Usually nothing more than a line of these, on some branch, rock or other stuff. This time they formed a nice donut shape.

- dragonfly
Someone painted this dragonfly silver? Great to see, great to find underwater. Too bad I do not have more than 2 pictures, as it showed some grace when moving away from the camera when I got real close.

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