14 February 2011


I was planning on a trip to Egypt, end of March, but now I am not so sure it will take place.

The plans were for a Liveaboard with 3 day extension to be shore diving.

Updating blog later this week, as the developments in Egypt hopefully get a bit more firm.

My current worries:
- negative Travel advise by the Dutch government
- no real feeling what my travel agent is going to arrange for me...
- hearing good and bad stories on the tourist/dive areas

The travel agency does not really help either, by only stating that it keeps the plans as is. (and in the national news they also announced that despite the travel advice they will still send tourists to Egypt, resuming at Feb 20.)

update 20-2:
Great... things seem to get more stable now. The negative travel advise has been changed in a caution for the Red Sea area. That is one thing, but now all flights and schedules are messed up and need to be rearranged. The MY Rosetta, I hoped to sail on, is now sailing from Marsa Alam again, instead of Hurgharda. The Sunday flight seems to be an option again... so I can do my 3 day stay at the Ecolodge. I'll post my planning in next post, but at least I am more confident I actually will be in Egypt and more or less doing what I planned.

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