14 February 2011

The New G12 camera from Canon, in first tests...

More detail will be added soon,this is a placeholder for a first quick review on my Canon Powershot G12 and WP-DC34 housing.

After my previous camera got dropped from 2m height and died of massive trauma and internal bleeding I needed a replacement soon. (going on Egypt holiday ... maybe... will blog that as well, later)

I took the camera on a swimmingpool dive 2 weeks ago and plan to do so today as well, just to familiarize myself to this new cam.

Review will follow with pics of the goodies but here are some first things:
tracking objects... works in the swimmingpool, when two divers started throwing a ball, I was quite amazed on how wel this camera tracked it. I cannot wait to try this on the illusive clownfish.

The standard P, Tv, Av, M and preprogrammed settings all work like the previous cams, except where I now struggle to find how to change the focussing area of the cam. I must have chanced something in the basic settings, but I cannot really find it. (at least, not underwater)

Having tested nearly every photo setting, I did test some video as well. I figured that I need to buy extra memory cards to store all the video. great. I noticed one thing... this technically is not HD, as it is advertised... it is merely a really high resolution (1280 wide)

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