23 March 2013

Gearing up! Destination Marsa Alam - Egypt

It is freezingly cold in Holland, at the moment, -5C and 6-8 Beaufort Easterly wind, winter in March?! It has not been this cold in decades. (Coldest 23 March since 1916)

I am really hoping not to catch a cold now... as I am feeling not to well. The idea is to go on holiday within one month. Early in the spring season, just before the big tourist rush.

The first stop is at the famous Marsa Alam resort called Wadi Lahami. It is a first for me; the resort itself is not much more than a tent-camp with a few stone buildings containing the restaurant and storage areas. The focus of the resort is on quality diving with an eco twist to it. Dives will go to Fury Shoals and other locations, by Zodiac... it is that close.

The map below shows Wadi Lahmi in the top, with right next to it Fury Shoal. The area below that is what I hope to visit on the next leg of my journey.

I will only stay four days in Wadi Lahmi; on the fourth day I transfer to the MY Rosetta. A small ship, that also partly brings me to this same location. Being on board makes diving easier... it will be 4 dives a day in a dive-eat-sleep rhythm.
Five or six days of diving off shore will almost certainly make me smile from ear to ear until well after I return home.

[updated small details]

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Goed Reiz en Dive Safe!

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